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Open Source

The Proxeus project has been crowdfunded by a community of blockchain enthusiasts, it is open-source and free to use. The XES token is used as a means of payment within the Proxeus ecosystem.

Five Easy Steps

  1. Install docker and docker-compose
  2. Get API keys for Ethereum and SparkPost
  3. Create your docker-compose.yml file
  4. Start Proxeus and complete the setup
  5. Log-in and use your own Proxeus platform!

Custom Workflow Nodes

Nodes are steps in a Proxeus workflow. Every user form, condition or document template is a node. When a node is done with its tasks, the workflow continues with the next node. You could compile your nodes for Proxeus Core or change the existing ones. However, this should only be considered when the custom nodes interface does not satisfy your customization needs.


Endless Possibilities

  1. Generate transactions on various blockchains
  2. Deploy a smart contract
  3. Fetch data from services

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