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The not-for-profit Proxeus Association is the governance body in charge of the maintenance, further development and promotion of the open source Proxeus framework, a powerful document automation tool with wide-ranging blockchain functionalities, enabling users to digitize and monetize their IP and know-how – used in a variety of business contexts, in NGOs and public administrations.

Your job as Community Manager is to work closely with our board, and to dive fully into the product and topic. This is key for us to give a good experience to everyone using and developing with Proxeus, and to provide a clear line of communication to users, workflow designers, and engineers in the community.

Supporting a novel product with diverse applications, our aim is to create a large community of users and developers who need to be led through how to set up their workflows, set up and contribute plugins and improvements to their integrations. At this time we are working on making it easier to deploy Proxeus, funding improvements and bugfixes, and supporting projects in the areas of digital contracts and e-participation.

This is a remote-only job position for a freelancer legally able to work in the country of your residence, with strong preference to CH / EU, at minimum 20% (8 hours) weekly time commitment.

What the 3 first months will look like:

  • Put in place a six month growth community roadmap and get 360° feedback.
  • Research and connect with related open source initiatives and communities.
  • Connect with at least one community group making a project with Proxeus components.
  • Work independently, having regular weekly meetings with staff and board.

What we will ask you to do:

  • Become a Proxeus power user with our help :first_place_medal:
  • Bring energy and positivity in the community! :zap:

What we will NOT ask you to do:

  • Debug code and IT issues on your own :bug:
  • Administrative hassle and paperwork :do_not_litter:


  • An interest in online workflow, collaboration, and blockchain tools.
  • Experience in translating customer confusion to product change requests.
  • Clear written communication skills in English – with French/German/… a plus.
  • We particularly encourage applications from women, disabled and minority ethnic candidates, groups which are underrepresented throughout the technology industry.

Please email your CV and links to